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Organic Raw Buckwheat Hull Pillows from Estonia with Estonian healing herbs & Himalayan rock salt

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Lisatud: 18-10-2018
Aegub: 18-10-2019

Make a gift to yourself – order a peaceful sleep!

Ever heard about tiny European country Estonia with forests covering 55% of the territory and it's over 2000 islands and islets? All the wild beauty populated only by 1.3 million habitants and enjoying cleanest air in the world.

There are organic buckwheat fields, too and Louisenthal small eco-farm in the middle of South-Estonian greenery is tailoring peaceful sleep for the people all over the world. 

The pillows are filled with 100% organic raw buckwheat hulls, all grown in Põlvamaa county of Estonian pure nature. Local organically certified medical plants, herbs such as yarrow, lavendel, pine twigs, dropwort, heather, camomile, mint and rosebay willowherb are added carefully to encourage tranquil sleep and relaxation. The red rock salt from Himalayan mountains is also there, combined with love and peaceful energy.

Pillow cases are needled and even the paper bags for pillow-packing are all made in the very same small Põlvamaa region. Pillow cases 100% cotton or linen. A zip fastener allows you to remove the contents to recharge them in direct sunlight at least
once a year, while also washing the pillow case.

Contributes to falling asleep and to deep sleep. Helps relieving radiculitis, spinal
complaints, headaches and forced positions. Handmade in Põlvamaa county, Estonia
of local materials.

The product is approved as Põlvamaa Greener Mark organic geographical indication label.

The organic buckwheat hull pillows measures approx.:
Width: 18” (45 cm)
Length: 24” (60 cm)

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